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Greetings Friends! - January 2024

Dear Friends of Ozark Cedar Hives.                  


We pray all are doing well and all your bees are happily clustered among an ample supply of honey for the winter.  We have been working in the shop lately and have a good supply of inventory. 

At least half of our sales are returning customers which we think is the best indicator of the quality of our hives.  We have made a couple of changes which we feel are improvements.

Since we have our own sawmill we are milling the wood a full one inch, so that the hive bodies and medium supers now measure nearly 15/16”.  I don’t think you will find that anywhere.  We also have changed the system of hand holds.  Instead of leaving an area where the side is thin walled, we are cutting out a “dado” cut the full length of the two short sides of the hive body or super and then gluing in a board that sticks out about ¾”.  This makes a very nice handle for those heavy laden boxes. 

We also are making 5 frame nuc hive boxes.  The hive body section has an attached bottom and it come with inner cover and top cover.  We also include an entrance feeder to place canning jar. 

Shipping costs have improved.  Our UPS account is handled by a smaller company so our rates are much better and more consistent. 

To order please go to the contact tab and send us an email with your questions and orders.

May God Bless You,

Bob and Kathy Owen

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