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We are proud to offer quality products for your beekeeping needs. Please brouse our products below. As of now, we are only accepting orders placed by phone or email. Please feel free to contact us with any questions reguarding your order.

Missouri Cedar beehives are hand crafted to standard 10 frame Langstroth deminsions and design. 8 frame hives are also available.

Quality built from Missouri Red Cedar.


Finger-joint Construction for strength.

Standard Inside Dimensions that will accept any standard frame. 


Quality built from 100% Missouri Red Cedar.

Natural wood lends to better insulation qualities for added temperature and condensation protection for bees.

Made of Pine.

Designed for either Wax-coated Plastic Foundation.

Corners interlock and are glued and stapled for durability.

Frames are sold in sets of 10 or sets of 8.

Constructed of extra-think red cedar to provide base support for your hive. Rot-resistant and proven to withstand the elements longer that traditional bottom boards.

Screening extends to the edge, allowing vorroa mites to fall to the ground and away from bees.

Also included is an entrance reducer. and a plastic, corrogated debris board for wintering.

We also manufacture soild bottom boards if you prefer this option.

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