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July 2017 (Part 1)

Kathy and I want to greet all of you who find us. We appreciate your interest in honeybees and are very pleased to be able to assist you with good products to give your bees a home they can thrive in.

We have received dozens of positive feedback from our clients. Many when they unpack the hives, but also many months and years later telling us how well their bees are doing in the Ozark Cedar Hives. Some of the garden settings that we have received pictures of are amazing. I need to get them in the gallery.

You’ll notice that I don’t put a lot of messages on the site, but be assured we are still very much in business. Actually last year, we spent July to Dec starting a major building project on our home here in South Missouri. As hive sales seasons begins to slow down we will be returning to the house project hoping to get it closed in by winter. Maybe we’ll get some pictures in the gallery just for fun.

We will be able to fill small urgent orders throughout the summer and fall. As well, we’ll be taking orders to begin filling later in the winter.

We have not made any changes to our Langstroth hives. They seem to be working very well. I did make several observation hives, but have not had a chance to make a promotion video to introduce them. Let us know if you would like more information on the observation hive. We had discontinued Warre hive production. We are considering making a batch of them this winter if we have enough orders. We also have solid bottom boards available.

We thank you our client for your confidence and of course praise our Lord Christ for His blessings on the company. We have shipped hives to every US state except Hawaii. Even though we have shipped to Canada, without any office help, setting up international shipments is not feasible. We have had a few people receive hives in the US and then take them overseas.

Continued in second post (Part 2)...

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