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Whether you need to place an order or just have a beekeeping question, please fill out the form below or call us with your specific request.


We currently accept payments by: 

  • Paypal (no account necessary)

  • Check

  • Cash


If ordering, please include:

1.  Hive configuration (ie. All Medium, Standard 2 Deep and 2 Medium, etc.)

2.  8 or 10 Frame configuration

3.  If you would like to include frames with your order

4.  If ordering a complete hive, whether you would like a solid or screened bottom board

4.  Phone Number

5.  Zip-code for shipping estimate to residence

                   - or -

     Full name and address for shipping to business 



Thank you for allowing us to serve your beekeeping needs.

Ozark Cedar Hives


Cell:        417-559-0506

Thank you! We are excited to serve your beekeeping needs!

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