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Covers, Feeder & Queen Excluder

High-quality and built from 100% Missouri Red Cedar for your backyard beehive.

Natural wood lends to better insulation qualities for added temperature and condensation protection for bees.

plywood inner cover.jpg
Top Cover


Top covers telecope over the inner cover and super. They are made of solid red cedar covered with aluminum sheeting. The sheeting is also covered with PVC laminate with wood grain texture in a cream color to match the red cedar.


Weight: 9lbs.



Price:  $46.00 (unsealed)

Inner Cover


This inner cover is framed in cedar with a solid wood (3/8" thick) plywood. No masonite.

- Unsealed wood


Weight: 4lbs.



Price: $32.00

ceracell feeder.jpg
Top Feeder

New item.  We are now offering the new Ceracell NZ top feeder with our cedar frame.  Framed in our cedar, the feeder is made of very tough plastic, holds over 2 gallons of liquid and the bees can access all corners as well as the center.  As well, the corners can be removed to feed solid food.  Plastic tray sits in a recessed slot so that the inner cover sets down without a gap. 


10-Frame Style


Price: $45.00 unsealed


8-Frame Style


Price: $52.00 unsealed


Queen Excluder


We now offer cedar framed queen excluders for our hives. These excluders are made of stainless steel welded wire and framed in eastern red cedar to fit well and look great on your hive.

Smooth wire is proven to cause less damage to bees as they pass through.


-Unsealed wood



Price: $37.00

Due to the personal service and specific ordering requests of our customers we at this time do not offer online purchases. Please contact us either by email or phone to make an order. We appologize for any inconvience this may cause, however we feel that we can better serve you with your ordering this way.

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