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January 2016

I pray that each of you had as blessed a time as our family during the Christmas and New Year holidays. It is our favorite time of year. As many times as we have celebrated Christmas I am awestruck as I contemplate that our Redeemer would leave His heavenly kingdom, and take on humanness that we might have eternal Hopes. But this is also our favorite time of year because both of our children, spouses and children spend nearly a week with us enjoying eating, playing games and laughing.

So, the family is all gone now, so back to the shop to make lots more sawdust. I have a special friend Wayne helping me in the shop these days, so the inventory is growing a little faster this year. 2016 looks to be a good year for Ozark Cedar Hives. Each year we have increased sales.

We have made some improvements to the hives. The main one is changing to an oil base sealer. I was never fully satisfied with the previous sealer. The new sealer is not only much more attractive but weathers better. We actually put it on some cedar siding on our rental house. Even on the south side it is still holding very well. Details can be found in the FAQs.

We are also including a one inch thick foam board below the screen of the bottom board. I think this will make wintering better for the bees, especially if the hive is up off the ground.

We are also adding several new items to our products. Namely those are (or will be) quilt boxes, Gable roofs which incorporate a quilt box, double nuc system, and indoor observation hives (4 deep or 6 medium frame size).

We have considered setting up the web site with a shopping cart and credit card payment option, but so far prefer to handle orders by email through our contact page or calling us by phone. Almost always clients have a question or two and we enjoy giving you personal service. Payment then can be either by us sending you a PayPal invoice to pay online with your credit card or you are very welcome to mail us a personal check. We will email you an invoice with details of your order.

Thank you to all the great compliments we receive from you. It is a blessing to serve you.

Bob and Kathy Owen

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