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Observation Hive:

Want to see your bees at work? Our observation hives provide the amazing glimpse into the internal workings of a bee colony.   With 100% visibility to every activity in the hive, you are sure to witness God's creativity firsthand.  Let the bees teach you as they build, gather, multiply, dance and even swarm.  Designed to attach to an interior wall with outside entrance.  Comes with all mounting pieces and feeder station.  For more thoughts on "why" an observation hive read:

Observation Hive

Swivels 180-degrees for easy viewing.

Easily lifts out of swivel mount for outside care and maintenance.

Includes the following:

Fully-assembled Observation Hive

Wall-mounting Support

Blackout Insulated Covers

Required on location:

Access Opening through Exterior Wall


4-Frame Single Width Style

                 Price: $450.00

6-Frame Single Width Style

                 Price: $450.00

8-Frame Double Width Style

                 Price: $550.00

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Due to the personal service and specific ordering requests of our customers we at this time do not offer online purchases. Please contact us either by email or phone to make an order. We appologize for any inconvience this may cause, however we feel that we can better serve you with your ordering this way.

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